Rainbows – I Don’t Hate Them

My hubby and I were on our way home from church when we saw this really thick and beautiful rainbow up in the skies. Now, I might hate my job but I can never, ever hate the rainbow. It’s beautiful, magical, and thrilling.

Anyway, we hastened to the city’s boulevard to maximize the view. When we arrived, we realized that there was another rainbow forming really fast so that within a minute there were double rainbows (take a closer look at the upper left part of the rainbow)! It was a breathtaking moment.

Isn’t it really amazing that nature still holds that power to capture our hearts so that, even for just a moment, we forget our problems and fears? Those twin rainbows had that effect on me. Somehow, the day was more beautiful. The rainbows almost magically held some powers to lighten up my load and made me feel that something is about to turn out well. Hmm…does that mean that within some days I’ll have some good news to blog out? Well, I really don’t have any idea but for the first time this year, the day just seemed most promising 😀 But wait! There’s going to be an annular eclipse tomorrow…now, that is something to really blog about. Hopefully, I can capture that in film but if it could not be seen in full tomorrow then I wouldn’t risk damaging my camera. 😀

Yes, nature has been fascinating to me these days. I had found myself searching for “Pluto”, “Saturn”, “Kuiper Belt”, “Eris”, “dolphin”, “shark”, “big cats”, and just about anything related to nature and creation. Hmmm…I’ll do “rainbow” now. 😀

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