Epidemic: Resignation at Work

Perfect logic, don't you think?


Perfect logic, don’t you think?

I do not know who carried the virus inside The Company but an epidemic is threatening to take away my colleagues and friends. Sadly, the epidemic has taken away a lot of my friends {sigh}. I am talking about the resignation epidemic at The Company these days. Yes, there were other colleagues who went ahead of us – moved on to greener or stress-free pastures. My friends and I had always ranted about The Company being too indifferent to the fact that a lot of really good workers are moving out but, again, aren’t we all dispensable? They can always find new people to work on the job.

So, back to the epidemic affecting my friends.

  1. Alvin. The first question is if he is my friend? LMAO But of course he is a friend – even when we constantly bicker almost about anything even to this date when he’s oceans away, he is still a friend. Well, he was definitely the first one out – he just might be the first resignation epidemic virus casualty. He quit when we were just starting the new “regular” status. It was weird when he was gone because I had no one to argue with {sigh} – but as he often tells me, he wants to contradict ANYTHING that I say/think because everyone else around me agrees with me. Well, I thought that with him gone and all, we could at last have some peace. I guess I am wrong because (1) he is still bickering with me – online, (2) peace is boring – he said that, and (3) the others also quit.
  2. JaeJae. She’s my closest friend in the group and we’ve known each for almost 80% of our lives. Why, we were classmates even on kindergarten! But she’s off to playing with airplanes and computers {sigh}. She quit at the start of 2009 – what a symbolic way of catching the epidemic. The workplace is definitely boring without JJ! I was so used to her slapping notes on my desk, playing with her miniature toys, and pestering us to the brink of impatience. Yes, Alvin is right, peace is boring.
  3. JinJun. You’ll know exactly where she is sitting in the cafeteria even without seeing her yet – the loudest and happiest table usually has her as occupant. She’s funny, entertaining, and really friendly. She transfers from table to table to talk with most of us – she is definitely adored by everyone. Too bad that The Company can’t make her happy, too. She is happy in her new job now. The canteen is boring without her {sigh}. Oh, and she quit along with JJ {double sigh}.
  4. Lurchie. First impressions can’t be trusted – definitely true with my friendship with her. We didn’t become friends fast – we even had some negative impressions about each other which we later cleared only to realize that the impressions were totally stupid and dind’t have real bearing at all. LOL. She taught me a lot of things that The Company could never teach you. She’s good, really good. Ma’am Agnes often tells us (San Diego folks) that Lurchie’s one of those people you can always depend to do the job – equations, anything. She is definitely one of those people that The Company should never have lost in the first place. And she caught the epidemic less than a month after JaeJae and JinJun! {major sigh here}
  5. Michs. She’s a fine lady who is serious about her job (well, that is my impression) but for unknown reasons to me, she’s quitting next month, too.  We don’t talk much but have become friends over the months of stay in The Company. Plus, she is sitting across my desk! Life’s definitely going to be quiet and boring for the days or weeks or months!

Are 5 ‘casualties’ enough for this event to be called an epidemic? Yes! because I only mentioned those who resigned (or resigning) that have a significant part of my work-friendship life. There are more than 10 people who caught the epidemic much earlier than the people I mentioned.

Any solution to the epidemic? In my point of view, the only solution now is to wait and catch it, too. Who’s going to be the next resignation epidemic casualty? I wonder.

11 Responses

  1. damn, i hate it if and when people always contradict ME. who is alvin dude again anyway and why is he always contradicting people?

  2. …again…he is stuffing kangaroos and taking pictures of some women there LMAO

  3. LOL can’t believe you two are still bickering over the Internet. I would have thought you’d be BEST FRIENDS by now!! 😛

    teehee.. you know what, ma’am, two people would have gone ahead of me if they had not changed their minds… they are searching though. so if they pushed through, that would have been 3 people gone by Jan. 26. LOL. Please give my regards to Nessie… 😉

  4. Just added you to my blog on my friends´s links. Take a look 🙂

  5. Lurchie: Yes, we are still bickering and fighting and whatever 😀 does the comment of john look quite familiar to you? 😀

  6. stuffing kangaroos, taking pictures , and what-not… that person must be a multi-tasker.
    as much as i detest people who are always right, especially sarcastic people who are always right, i have to agree with one thing he said. peace is boring.

  7. hey hey hey! you cant be serious! you mean all the fun is gone at The Company?! Oh no, i didnt see that coming…NOT! OF course! Why work for a company taht reminds us of prison camp?

  8. SHIT happens, but wait until you see a lot of people who have no work. or those people who have no choice but to really work inspite of the undesirable conditions.
    question: was the ‘contract’ notarized by a lawyer? if not, get the hell of out there. if yes, 11 months of waiting is not that bad.

  9. Here’s the real reson Michs left:

    One day, she realized that it is more fulfilling to gaze at the clouds than endure subzero temperatures with the flimsiest pieces of clothing inside a Shoe Factory.

  10. *okay, that’s “reason.”

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