Mermaid in Dumaguete

I’ve always believed in mermaids as a child – I loved the idea of beautiful maidens with long hairs and fish tails (who doesn’t?).

However, at the heels of the recent flood in Dumaguete and nearby towns came the story that had the city – well, the province – buzzing with wonder and delight: a mermaid (or three of them as per some accounts) was caught of the seas of Amlan, Negros Oriental. According to the grapevine (of text messages, etc.), the mermaid/s was caught some days before the floods happened. A foreigner bought the mermaid then donated it to Silliman University Marine Laboratory – in some accounts, he donated the littlest one then brought the other two home.

The mermaid (at the marine lab) died but not before dire warnings were issued by the merpeople left at sea to return the captured mermaid/s. Most of the fishermen that caught the mermaid/s have already died and the only one alive is in a 50-50 condition. The merpeople allegedly vowed to cause destruction if the mermaid/s is not returned to sea. Also, the mermaid at the marine lab was a suckling baby – that is why it died.

When I was asked about the story, I had some doubts – although, honestly, I wished really hard that it was true. After all, I love mermaids and to see a real one in my lifetime would be a dream come true.

However, so many questions came to my mind that it was getting more and more difficult to believe that the story was true.

  1. Why did the foreigner buy the mermaid then donate it to the marine lab? If I was the one who bought it, would I donate it? Definitely, not! πŸ˜€
  2. Why were there no real reports on newspaper about the find? If it were a real mermaid, the TV people would have been informed. After all, this is a really spectacular find!

    the mermaid and the fisherman - but definitely not the one from amlan LOL

    the mermaid and the fisherman - but definitely not the one from amlan LOL

  3. How did the people understand the merpeople’s words when they “talked” about reclaiming their captured member?
  4. Why is it that after more than a week into the supposed “event”, no one has ever said that he really saw the mermaid – and it is supposed to be “displayed” over at the marine lab?

The clouds were very ominous this morning – really huge and black ones can be seen over the mountain. A neighbor fearfully remarked that the mermaid should have been returned but since it is too late then we just have to live with constant floods {sigh}. I remarked a bit sarcastically that we are now going to die :D.

So, is the mermaid real? Based on the reasons I had stated above, it probably isn’t. Oh, I still believe in the lore but this is just another urban legend that people conjured to “understand” why the flood was so huge and damaging.
The one who spun this wild tale must be really pleased with himself right now as the story is still the talk of the city one week after the supposed “capture”.

However, I still wish it was a real mermaid.

10 Responses

  1. I believe that there is no such thing as a mermaid. That the cost is probably global warming and the climate changes

  2. well, I think it is a bit scary.. LOL

    I think the version of mermaids that is stuck in my head is the uhmmm scary one.. from that movie.. something. Anyway, I wonder why anybody would concoct such a story.. πŸ˜€ seems slightly off.. haha *hugs* hai mam

  3. To Walter: Yup, it is mostly due to global warming but I really can’t blame the local folks for believing such a tale as I would have loved it to be a real mermaid πŸ˜€

    To Lurchie: Hmm, I still think the mermaid is beautiful πŸ˜€ I think that whoever created the story was just having fun – didn’t realize that it was too sensational not to pass along LOL

  4. Finall!=y! i was searching for any news of the so-called mermaid in Amlan, and the search engine came up with you article. HAhahahahahhah! Well, i wouldnt know about mermaids, but the world is something amazing, it might just e true. who knows? we dont always need evidence to prove something (tell that to the Alabang Boys). Hehee.

  5. My mother claim she saw a real mermaid in the 1960’s when she was in highschool in Catbalogan, Samar. The mermaid was caught by fishermen, bought by a Chinese then paraded in the schools of Catbalogan. My mother described the mermaid as ugly, monkey faced, dried hair & skin, 3 ft. tall & with fish tail.
    Until today, the ones that are captured in parts of the Philippines are described very much like the one my mother saw.

  6. oh really?
    or how about the possibility that your momma was just making a tall tale to entertain her gullible child? it’s also possible that your momma was into psychedelics at the time, it’s the 60s after all, the time of magic mushrooms and LSD…

  7. @ Sabogsintido: Pictures of such a mermaid can be found on the internet but had been “proven” as hoax. Well, I don’t really know – but I would prefer to think of beautiful mermaids than ugly, skinny ones.

    @ John: Hmmm…why do you have to hate the world so much? πŸ˜€

  8. @McCormick

    what do you mean by “the cost is probably global warming and the climate changes”?
    this is completely incomprehensible, even accounting for the senselessness of the topic.
    to make whatever sort of link between mermaids and global warming is probably the most idiotic train of thought i’ve ever encountered.

  9. @john: i think it was the flood that was referred to by McCormick, not the mermaid LOL

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