Smartie aka Wingkay aka Brownie aka Bulldog

My cousin Noel gave me a little doggie. When she arrives yesterday (from Cebu), she was so tired and scared that she kept on hugging my hand. With hugging I mean that she was holding on to my arm with her two arms. I tried to pry her away but she clung tight and her claws would come out 🙂 So, I allowed her to stay that way until she felt that she was already safe.

A few minutes later, she slowly started exploring our living room. The floor was so shiny that she kept on slipping 😀 Still, she wouldn’t bark but kept on exploring until she got the hang of walking on the slippery floor.

Because she was seemed thirsty, I gave her water but she wouldn’t lap on it. I then gave her some fresh milk that I was drinking and voila! she lapped away as if it was the only meal she has ever received 😀 Here’s a video of her having a meal. She even had second helpings.

My cousin had named her “Smartie” but I laughingly called her “Wingkay” after “Winkle” my pet name for my cousin Noel. Still, my mother-in-law calls her “Brownie” and Auntie Aling calls her “Bulldog”. Uh-oh! Too many names for such a little fella 🙂

A sleeping Wingkay

A sleeping Wingkay

pensive mode

pensive mode


P.S. My cousin wants the “Wingkay” to be renamed to “Twingkay” so that the name won’t be so obviously linked to his name LOL

5 Responses

  1. weeeeeeee so cute teh doggie.

    unfortunately, we cannot have dogs as of the moment. what breed is he again?

  2. i dunno what breed she is 😀 maybe partly bulldog LOL

  3. awwwwwwww. so cute.

  4. ako si winkle… hehehe

  5. Hehehehe ni-angkon na gud hahahhhahaha

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