Power Off, Power On

It’s Sunday. As usual, the electric company had decided to make their presence known – by cutting off the electricity and making the people grumble about the injustice of having their family day – at home – bungled by the heat.

Power Off

Just when I awoke – at 8 AM – the power went off. One good thing that came with it is that the neighborhood got silent. Still, there is nothing much to do at home when the power is out. Well, we played with the dogs but the heat was still unbearable. Since Bobby just received some morado banana seedlings (? or something) we decided to plant them at the lot then go swimming….Hmmm nice idea.

So, we went to the lot with Twingkay in tow. She is big now – 4.25 kg! That is why it was difficult to wrestle with her to settle down as we rode to Bacong. She loves to look over Bobby’s shoulder but would cower when a car or big truck would blast its horns on us. She also loves to shift around the seat to look over, to see the sights on the right, and the (silent) vehicles on the left.

She “helped” plant the bananas.

Bobby and Twingkay...Planting

Bobby and Twingkay...Planting

Then we went to the beach to cool off. Coof off we did because Twingkay was shivering by the time we decided to go home πŸ˜€ We wrapped her in a towel and she was so behaved as we rode the motorcycle that one could think we were bringing a different dog πŸ˜€

Twingkay, Big Girl

Twingkay, Big Girl

Power On

With nothing much to do, sleeping is the next best option to going to town – which, I am very sure, would be full of people trying to cool off at the generator-powered department stores. Thankfully by 4+ the power went back! Now this is what you call cool – the fans are turning once again πŸ˜€

The “power on” allowed me to play “Ranch Rush” and “Farm Frenzy” πŸ™‚ I feel so “in” with these farm things as we had just planted some bananas πŸ˜€

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