Just Freakin’ Stupid Jinxed &^%^$#$%#$%#!

(Post created at 1:45 AM of August 16)

It is just my stupid luck that for the first time in more than a week I have a really good assignment only for Lady Luck to play with me – really hard. She is probably dancing to whatever tune she set for me because I am freaked out at the sheer unfairness of it all.

I had just been assigned a good assignment – things/topics that are a breeze to write. I should be dancing with joy – well, I was, until stupid fate intervened. The assignment was given out at around 11PM of Friday night, with a deadline of Sunday noon for 20 articles of max 450 words. Attainable? Yes, very! Then why am I ranting?

The Doctor Thing

Well, first there was this thing with the doctor’s appointment. As such stuff goes, it would be about 1 to 2 hours at the hospital, waiting for the doctor to arrive or check on other patients. Well, unlucky as I was, several tests were ordered – several ultrasounds and tests so that even when I started out at 8 in the morning, I ended up finishing the tests at 1 PM. I went to the doctor twice – not including another doctor who also had to be consulted on ultrasound matters.

By the last check-up, the doctor informed that yes, the previous infection was not detected but there were problems with my system so that I have to be given a new medication because it seems that the old one (which was quite expensive!) didn’t work well. Alright. I can handle that, perhaps. Then I was told that it had to be intravenously administered – uh oh!

So, there I was at 2 PM on a bed too short for me at the emergency room. The antibiotic dripped on and on and on for about more/less an hour. With my crazy history regarding IVs, it wasn’t much of a surprise when the hand with the IV swelled – it swelled with the Dalacin medication, who said that Ciprobay would be any different?

The Internet Thing

As luck would have it, by the time I was home and ready to tackle my assignment (at 5 PM!), I realized that the internet card will expire by 7 PM! Plainly cursing now for sheer stupidity and, perhaps, bad luck, I went back to town to buy the card all the while driving the motorcycle with my sore hand!

The Water Thing

I didn’t think that things could get any worse, really. The sun was shining really hard during the day and I checked with PAGASA and no storms are in the vicinity. Good! I had already finished one website, three more to go but by this time it was already raining. It’s 12 midnight and I was on the second to the last file for the second website when the rain fell down really hard.

I was crossing my fingers that the light would hold out – well, it did, but the rain had been falling so hard that somehow the gutter in our room overflowed right into the ceiling. Well, the naturally, the water looked for a new outlet – in the joints between the wood material. Because my computer is in the bedroom (no separate office yet!), it was “hit-the-shutdown-button-or-you’ll-regret-it” kind of thing. I did.

So, by 12:30 and well into 1 AM, I was dismantling computer parts and accessories and moving them out piece by piece, all the while placing basins and clothes/towels on the bed to prevent it from getting soaked. Because there were so many wires to transfer – including those for the internet, it took me almost an hour to dismantle, transfer, then re-assemble in the living room. By 1:30, I was ready to work once again.

The internet connected quite easily – then after a minute, died! *%&^%^%^$$^%$% Just my freakin’ stupid luck! So, to vent some of the anger, I am typing all these frustrations out in a Word document – something that I had never done before because I write blogs at the WordPress space! I should get some sleep now – there is no use, really, to keep vigil and hoping that the internet would miraculously come back. I will sleep on this – but with a really heavy heart.


Sunday, 6 AM

I woke up early despite the late night rest because I still have some files to make. Naturally, the internet was still out. I just finished some of the outlines of the articles as I thought of last night – I did that so that at least I would have a rough idea as to what I will write about, well, the electricity went out. Funny how I didn’t feel anything when it went out – I was actually expecting it to go out. I called up my cousin’s house and learned that their electricity and internet are alright. So, I borrowed my sister-in-law’s laptop and went there – did I mention that it was raining really hard as we traveled on our motorcycle? Luckily, everything was much better then, except that I will be late again for this publishing deadline! Fortunately, my “bossing” still managed to stretch her patience for me, yet again J

Sunday, 3 PM

To emphasize my jinx mode – well, on the last sentence of the last article of the last website that I was writing, the sun actually broke through the clouds and shone on me. What a really bitter-sweet moment to remind me that once again the jinx mode is over because I was done with the files! Everything went well after then – no rain, no whatever. Bobby and I went home with the same laptop in tow but feeling lighter that the jinx mode was finally over.

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