The Rainy Days are Coming

It is July now. It hasn’t rained much since I could remember. Just when I thought the rainy days won’t come, they came with a vengeance – two typhoons, one coming right after the other exited {sigh}. I am a summer person – that means that I’d rather have lots and lots of sunny days than any rainy day.

In the Old Days…

Well, not really in the very old days but back when I was young – in the 1990s, that is – the weather was predictable. The rainy days will start at the last weeks of May and would stretch until around December. Then the next couple of months will be sunny. That is the reason why I love the first few months of the year more than the second half. Also, when it starts to rain, it was a signal that school days are back and we’d be trudging with our wet uniforms and broken umbrellas to school. 😀 In those days, I played with earthworms. Ewwww! I hate ’em now 😀

When the weather was almost predictable, we know when to travel – we don’t do it on June and we try to avoid traveling in the typhoon months of the last quarter of the year. My cousins and I would plan a summer trip to somewhere nice.

These Days…

Nowadays, predicting the weather has become a difficult task for laypeople. No longer can we say that June will bring the rains – no, it took July to scare the rains in coming. And why am I complaining, anyway? I love summer! Well, I just wanted the regularity that the rains brought when I was younger. Still, I love summer – the less rain, the better. 🙂

The Song…

The Carpenters penned my broken chords into song several years ago. Here it goes:

Talkin’ to myself and feelin’ old

Sometimes I’d like to quit

Nothing ever seems to fit

Hangin’ around

Nothing to do but frown

Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down.


What I’ve got they used to call the blues

Nothin’ is really wrong

Feelin’ like I don’t belong

Walkin’ around

Some kind of lonely clown

Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down.


Funny but it seems I always wind up here with you

Nice to know somebody loves me

Funny but it seems that it’s the only thing to do

Run and find the one who loves me.


What I feel has come and gone before

No need to talk it out

We know what it’s all about

Hangin’ around

Nothing to do but frown

Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down.


New Name, New Blog Themes

My days at The Company are numbered… Because I am not one to really hold a grudge (and I don’t hate the job and the new one, anyway), I’m turning this Job Hater’s Journal into the Broken Chord’s Memoir.

Why “Broken Chord”?

Last night, at the birthday party, an uncle joked about their church choir having broken chords – well, I loved the name and decided to keep it as my own. No, I don’t really have broken musical chords but “broken” signifies a lot of things: broken relationships at work, broken emotions at work, broken (well, soon) links with the company, broken ground for the new house (another coming-soon-feature), etc. I’m still trying to figure out how I could place the header on 😀 – not so techie here.

Why don’t I change the blog altogether?

For me, there really is no point in overhauling this whole thing and just forgetting that this blog once existed – the place where I had a virtual fight with many people LOL No, this has been a part of me, a part of my life. As I had always mentioned, this is a blog about the bits and pieces of my life, my career, etc. – no use having to scrap this. Plus, I already have a “2” Google page rank – no chance that I’m giving this up LOL

New Blog Themes

Let us all move on and forget the bitter past. Ponder on some of things that I had learned with past experiences. According to a writer (name will be posted when I remember who he is), “Judge your success by what you had to give up in order for you to get it”. Well, if I gave up a successful career at The Company, does that mean I am succesful in the new venture? Mr. Koala is sure – as always – to counter this thought but the writer is definitely more reliable than this Koala Guy 😀

New themes will be, well, new themes. I don’t know what they are going to be but time will tell, as always. Comments – good, bad, rants, anything – are always welcome, people! 🙂

More on Twingkay



Hey girl! Are those wrinkles? 😀

Work Camp #1 Clean-up and 1-Row Bamboo Fence

This day marked the first work camp at out lot 😀 After buying the necessary tools last week, we were all excited to start the work camp – or so I call it. The following accounts are chronological and the participants are added as we go along.

First to arrive (at 8 AM) were Jeilt (my sister) and I. We started the clean-up but with so many tall bushes, banana trees, and little bamboo branches, it was difficult to determine where to start first. Fortunately, half of the property is grass-free as it is being used by some people to create hollow blocks.

My cousin, Sandy, arrived next (at 9 AM). A few minutes after she arrived, Bobby and Gabing (our next-door neighbor) arrived (at 10 AM) – closely followed by Inday (my cousin) and Emil (Inday’s nephew). Ian (my brother ) and Luz (Ian’s girlfriend) arrived at 12 noon while Darly (my cousin) and Divine (a household help at Sandy’s house) followed soon after.

Mama Eve (my mother) arrived at 1 PM and the last to arrive were Weweng (my cousin), Sean (Weweng’s son) and Jenny (Weweng’s wife) at 1:30. All in all, there were 14 of us working. Uncle Joe arrived around 2 but he didn’t help because he had some other commitments and went away in after a few minutes.

Not to be left behind, Jumper (Inday’s dog) and Twingkay also joined the gang 😀

Before lunch time, we were already able to clean up a significant portion of the lot and the bamboo trees which will later be used for the temporary fencing. It was more of a family picnic with some work. By the time 5 PM arrived, we had already cleaned up the right portion of the lot and a row of bamboo fence at the north side of the lot 😀

Jeilt - first scenes

Jeilt - first scenes

the ladies - keeping the fire burning?

the ladies - keeping the fire burning?

The first fence

The first fence

Guard dog - Hey, I'm guarding that circle thingy!

Guard dog - Hey, I'm guarding that circle thingy!

Smartie aka Wingkay aka Brownie aka Bulldog

My cousin Noel gave me a little doggie. When she arrives yesterday (from Cebu), she was so tired and scared that she kept on hugging my hand. With hugging I mean that she was holding on to my arm with her two arms. I tried to pry her away but she clung tight and her claws would come out 🙂 So, I allowed her to stay that way until she felt that she was already safe.

A few minutes later, she slowly started exploring our living room. The floor was so shiny that she kept on slipping 😀 Still, she wouldn’t bark but kept on exploring until she got the hang of walking on the slippery floor.

Because she was seemed thirsty, I gave her water but she wouldn’t lap on it. I then gave her some fresh milk that I was drinking and voila! she lapped away as if it was the only meal she has ever received 😀 Here’s a video of her having a meal. She even had second helpings.

My cousin had named her “Smartie” but I laughingly called her “Wingkay” after “Winkle” my pet name for my cousin Noel. Still, my mother-in-law calls her “Brownie” and Auntie Aling calls her “Bulldog”. Uh-oh! Too many names for such a little fella 🙂

A sleeping Wingkay

A sleeping Wingkay

pensive mode

pensive mode


P.S. My cousin wants the “Wingkay” to be renamed to “Twingkay” so that the name won’t be so obviously linked to his name LOL

Conquering Dumaguete

I had quit my job in the cement factory last August of 2007 – that means that I had already been working for almost 2 years in Dumaguete. Hold on! August is almost here…the people at work are really going to be happy 😀 Meanwhile, Bobby had been working in Bayawan since December 2005 – that’s about 3 years and 5 months of being in Bayawan.

Where is this leading? Well, Bobby will be assigned in Dumaguete starting tomorrow – yay! We are not really going to “conquer” Dumaguete but we are surely going to love being here…as if we were away for long, huh?

I had been trying to apply for a job at NFA – the salary is almost the same with the one I am receiving now but with 5 days of work and other government-related work conditions.


1) I have no wish to work as chemist as of this moment,

2) the hiring is urgent and I am not free of my obligations at work until August,

3) the job encompasses slots for Dumaguete, Siquijor, Cebu, and Bohol – ooops, I quit my Cebu job to be in Dumaguete, I am not going to quit my current job only to be assigned somewhere else, thank you!,

4) I’m really thinking of just staying at home – doing freelance work and being a full time house manager aka housewife,

5) We are going to be house-building starting September and someone has to be there and work on the papers,

6) I’m concerned about the trend of the illnesses that I am having these days,

7) Success is relative, remember? and

8) I want to have more time for myself, Bobby, and vacation 😀

Therefore, Bobby and I decided that I will not pursue the NFA angle – which, incidentally, requires that I take the examination and interview at Cebu this Tuesday. No, when I quit, I wouldn’t care if a new job is waiting for me or not – this is for me and my hubby, this is to allow us to have a lot of time for each other and for our upcoming house project.

Where does this lead, again? Time will tell, really 🙂 but I surely am going to start waking up later than when I usually do these days 😀 And the house project pictures are going to come out soon. Whether I quit or not, Bobby and I are still going to “conquer” Dumaguete. Be there!

On Serious Matters – Hospitalized

Things don’t always go as we planned them to be. This is a very valid statement that dates back into the people who had lived millions of years ago. 🙂 Well, for once, an event took out the harsh schedule that we are experiencing at work – at least for me – but the alternative is, perhaps, worse than what my predicament had been. I was hospitalized for 5 days because of pelvic inflammatory disorder that affected my left fallopian tube.

It started out with a pain that was like that of a ruptured appendix – the resident doctor was about 90% sure that the illness was appendicitis but it occurred on the left lower quadrant of the abdomen. Several tests were done and it was found out that a large sausage-like pus build up was blocking my left fallopian tube and is causing the pain. Yikes! There were about 4 doctors who attended to me.

The prognosis was not good at that time because the pus-encroached area was large so that it might burst any minute. The doctors had to use a strong dose of Dalacin, intravenously, to start killing the bacteria causing the infection.

However, there is one major problem – I am allergic to dextrose (Lactated Ringer’s solution) but can tolerate mannitol. Still, the doctors at the hospital did not believe that I had an allergy to dextrose so I had to wince and bear the agony of them putting the needles into my hand.

The hand swelled and they had to insert a new needle. The hand still swelled – much more so when the undiluted medication was injected by the nurse – and they inserted a new needle into the other hand. Each time a new IV needle was inserted, I cried loudly because of the sting that is created by the dextrose flow – not because of the needle.  😦

Still, because the infection was intense, I needed intense medication – intense medication means that it is pricey. And yes, the Dalacin C IV injection costs roughly $35 per ampule! And I had to be injected 3 times a day for the whole duration of my hospital stay! Doing the math, I realized that this medicine alone was enough to eat a huge chunk from the house savings! {big sigh} This is not to mention the other medications and the daily expenses of just being in the hospital (food, etc.). Yes, things don’t always go as planned – things always don’t go as planned!

It was almost funny how I felt so helpless and at the mercy of those who cared for me in the hospital – Bobby, Leah, Jeilt, Ian, Luz, and Mama Eve. There were times when they had to feed me because I couldn’t even hold a spoon, let alone lift it and eat. Still, the doctors did not believe that I have allergies to dextrose! Why are they being so overbearing anyway?

I just got home today. I had to let the whole day pass before I could type here without wincing so much from the pain. The doctors are making me drink oral Dalacin C antibiotic for 7 days – again at 3 times a week. At least, the oral ones are a lot cheaper than the IV variety as each tablet costs only $1.5 but I also have to drink a strong antacid to counteract hyperacidity {major double sigh}.

Still, I am thankful for a lot of things – especially since the infected part did not burst and could have caused my instant death because my sick heart couldn’t tolerate the poison from the pus and dead cells. The doctors said that I was lucky in that count.

my swollen hand due to dextrose allergy

my swollen hand due to dextrose allergy