Constant Power Outages in my Barangay

The electricity line in my barangay is really crazy – there are almost always power outages at least once a month. This month, they certainly outdid themselves with brown outs almost every night or day! The outages can last for as fast as 2 seconds or as long as 12 hours (or longer)!

Who should be blamed here? Perhaps there are a lot of people to blame  – the electric company would be top on the list. They would surely be followed by whoever it was that cut off the power – that means that it’s still the electric company 😛 Plus whoever it was that created the wirings and stuff, etc. Grrrrr I am just mad so I am blabbing 😀 blah blah blah

And to think that I have assignments to pass! I do have an online job Mr. Power Outage!

p.s. Mr. Xavier, don’t you dare comment on this!