Conquering Dumaguete

I had quit my job in the cement factory last August of 2007 – that means that I had already been working for almost 2 years in Dumaguete. Hold on! August is almost here…the people at work are really going to be happy 😀 Meanwhile, Bobby had been working in Bayawan since December 2005 – that’s about 3 years and 5 months of being in Bayawan.

Where is this leading? Well, Bobby will be assigned in Dumaguete starting tomorrow – yay! We are not really going to “conquer” Dumaguete but we are surely going to love being here…as if we were away for long, huh?

I had been trying to apply for a job at NFA – the salary is almost the same with the one I am receiving now but with 5 days of work and other government-related work conditions.


1) I have no wish to work as chemist as of this moment,

2) the hiring is urgent and I am not free of my obligations at work until August,

3) the job encompasses slots for Dumaguete, Siquijor, Cebu, and Bohol – ooops, I quit my Cebu job to be in Dumaguete, I am not going to quit my current job only to be assigned somewhere else, thank you!,

4) I’m really thinking of just staying at home – doing freelance work and being a full time house manager aka housewife,

5) We are going to be house-building starting September and someone has to be there and work on the papers,

6) I’m concerned about the trend of the illnesses that I am having these days,

7) Success is relative, remember? and

8) I want to have more time for myself, Bobby, and vacation 😀

Therefore, Bobby and I decided that I will not pursue the NFA angle – which, incidentally, requires that I take the examination and interview at Cebu this Tuesday. No, when I quit, I wouldn’t care if a new job is waiting for me or not – this is for me and my hubby, this is to allow us to have a lot of time for each other and for our upcoming house project.

Where does this lead, again? Time will tell, really 🙂 but I surely am going to start waking up later than when I usually do these days 😀 And the house project pictures are going to come out soon. Whether I quit or not, Bobby and I are still going to “conquer” Dumaguete. Be there!

Office Gossip – Evil but Funny

Like most offices, mine is prone to gossip and backbiting – what with us having a lot of time on our hands, so to speak. Well, me and my friends do gossip a little about that kangaroo man in Australia and about our lives but we have NEVER created stories that are completely untrue just for the sake of creating gossip. {sigh} maybe we should have been a little creative but that is not our nature. Yes, I may be loud and gutsy but I don’t try to pick out one person and make stupid and unreal stories about him or her. Why this rant? Well, I had just found myself in the middle of an office gossip about ME! LOL – I did not honestly know that my life could be so interesting or sensational (haha for lack of a better term) to be the topic of office gossip.

No, I was not hurt by the stories – contrary to what you might be thinking. I was, of course, mad that a single person can create several far-fetched stories about me, my life, and my choices in life {sigh} but the stories were so crazy that my hubby, my siblings, my {real} friends at work, and I had several big laughs about those stories.

As copyeditor, I guess that I just have to copyedit the stupid stories. The gossip girl uses my real name to tell the story, so let’s use the closest thing I could think of without revealing her real name – Miss Oyster.

oysters and boogers

oysters and boogers

Miss Oyster,

As much as I would have liked to keep the knowledge that I know what you are saying about me behind my back a secret, I just can’t take that my blogging about the job thing would receive a nasty comment from you. You even informed Miss S about that {sigh}. Maybe you should first clarify your stories with me so that you have the correct facts but then that wouldn’t be gossip anymore, right? So, it wouldn’t be as fun.

Anyway, let me correct the stupid stories that you have been circulating about me – I know that it is YOU who circulates and creates the stories because I have about 6 or more people telling me the same thing. {sigh} You must really hate me, right? I do not know why you hate me so much to create such far-fetched stories. We don’t even talk, we are not in the same shift, and we have no common REAL friends – that is why I was confused as to who your “sources” are.

So, here are your crazy but funny stories (just like what we do, I have to use strike-through for the incorrect parts):

  • My hubby is mad about my online jobs so he FORCED me to stop. Due to that quitting thing I couldn’t afford my UNLIMITED internet connection anymore so I had to switch back to the stupid PREPAID!

(1 )This bit is the funniest of all. My hubby is the most supportive person in my life – he’s the one who encouraged me to go on with the most difficult assignments I’ve received. {sigh} Where did you get the idea then? (2) I may not look it but I can definitely afford to pay for that monthly internet connection. You are definitely very grossly misinformed. Did you know that I paid P25,000 just to set up the connection? Then another P7,000 for the antenna’s radio? Both were in cash. Also, I bought this new computer at P38,000 on the same month – again, in cash. That is on top of the laptop that I gave to my sister-in-law. So, I couldn’t afford the P750 a month? {sigh} That is just ONE-HALF day of online job.

  • I created a blog about hating my job. Why did I do that? If I hate the job then I should QUIT! What is that bond anyway – that could not hold me!

Notice that I did not cross out the first few sentences because they are true. Yes, I created this blog but you should have read my entry as to why I hate it. You judged my blog based on the URL {sigh}. You see, not all people would agree with you. According to Jermaine, “This is a humours site that I’m sure many people can relate too. This blogger let’s you know that you are not alone in your hatred for your job. When you are board and the maddening day to day routine is consuming you, bookmark this blog for a little at work relief. Keep up the good work.” It might need a little copyediting but the thought is there.

Can you honestly tell me that YOU LOVE the JOB? Come on! I had heard you rant about the job, too – heck, most of us rant about the job. Do not be such a hypocrite.

A lot of people there could relate with how I feel about the job 😀 Why do you think those many people resigned if they love the job? Huh? Besides, you should ask us what that bond means – it is a freaking P97,000 if we don’t honor the contract. That is money that I’d rather use to buy a house 😀 Don’t worry, I’d be out for good by the end of the year. Til then, hold on to your horses.

  • You asked if I already have a baby- and smirked when my friend told you that I have none.

Why I don’t have a baby is none of your business – just as you having babies out of wedlock is not my business. I have my reasons, you have yours. Let’s keep it at that. So, I’m nasty? You started it. Don’t expect that I have no retort, Miss Oyster.

There’s more but stories that affect the friendship I have with the people at work will not be posted here 😀 I can’t let you ruin my real friendship with the people there 😀

I expect that there would be hundreds more stories to come {sigh}. I know that after you learn about – and read – this entry, there’ll be hell to pay. Haha. Your group has never liked me so I don’t really care. My principle in life had always been, “I can’t please everybody, so I don’t bother try”. Maybe, yours should be “Mind my own business”.

With no respect at all,


P.S. But you still have to inform me why you hate me so much because if it is just my guts then that is too simple for you to make stories about me 😀 I can’t really think of anything that I had ever done to you. Love triangle is definitely out of the list. Money would also be out because I had never borrowed anything from you. Competition at work is also out because we are NOT even on the same shift and the same project. And I had never STOLEN any of your friends. I had never talked about you in any way to any one – I don’t know you at all. So give me just one valid reason why you made those stories.

Martial Law – The Company

Massive sleep break

Massive sleep break

It seems that everyday I am finding new reasons to quit from The Company.

The annual audit is scheduled tomorrow – as always, the heads are frantically trying to make The Company and the processes look their best for the auditors. Oh, I do know that most companies would brief their employees about structures and process but rehearsing how the employees should answer questions is just going too far. But that is not what I am ranting about. I don’t really care about this audit thing.

My real rant here is the way that our heads call meetings. In fairness to our team leader, she always tells us when she knows that a meeting is looming in the schedule. The higher ups are the ones who are really really really really irritating. And this has happened on about 95% of all meetings that it is almost expected {major double sigh!}.

Anyway, it was exactly 1:53 PM (yes, exactly because I made it a point to look at the clock on my computer!) when Head C informed us that there will be a meeting at 2 PM! The reaction from the group was almost unanimous – groans of protest and frustration. Why were we informed so late into the hour? Our work place is in a town next to our city so most of the people who will come fetch us are either already on the way or are already waiting outside! That means that they will have to wait outside until the meeting is finished. I had already raised this concern to Head C many meetings ago but the suggestion/reaction must have fallen to deaf ears!

Rebel as I am, I tried to sneak out at 1:55 PM to go home – hubby is already waiting for me outside! But the guards were actually informed that there will be a meeting and no one is allowed to go out! WTF? It’s Martial Law now? This was the common grumble by many of us left dumbstruck at the stairs. They had never done that before – close the doors during meetings! They even closed the door to the login/logout room just to be sure! What are they feeling so threatened about that they would resort to doing this?

So, we really had no choice but attend the boring meeting called by a boss from Manila on audit topics that we already know about. I mean, we were taught exactly how to lock our computers when we go on breaks or whatever: CTRL+ALT+DEL. Isn’t that too trivial? Really! So, his voice was drowned by most people grumbling and chattering. I think only about 15% of the people there were actually listening. Honestly, I only listened to about 10% of what he said. Such meetings of a large body of employees (two shifts) in such a large area (the whole first floor of the production building ) by one person is totally not effective at all -especially when you are trying to tell them how to answer the auditors on a major annual external audit!

All in all, the meeting – the way it was called, how we were informed, how it went – was a flop! But I guess that it was something expected of The Company! Again, why am I not quitting yet? Drat that contract!

Another Boring Work Day

Same feeling here... (Google image)
Same feeling here… (Googled image)

It’s Monday. Obviously, I am not on my brightest and cheerfullest (!) moods. When the job becomes too routine and too boring, do you still expect yourself to look forward to getting back to the office after the weekend? Nah! Don’t be a hypocrite, you! 😀

A friend (or enemy? haha!) told me with a trace of sarcasm that his advice for people who hate their job is to quit (no question, this is Alvin :D)!  Yes, Id be glad to do that when my contract is up but until then (and without an alternative), I will not quit for the sake of quitting. If you are confused with my reasoning then check out my post about this here. I will start making resumes and application letters before the last quarter of this years arrives – till then, I’ll stay put.

Anyway, as expected, we still didn’t have files to work on. And without internet access (well, to “non-work-related” sites), we had nothing to do {sigh}. My hubby told me that I should be happy – the company’s paying me for sitting down and doing absolutely nothing! However, doing that or about 7 hours can be more boring than actually working. So, I had to search for words that are, again, work related.

With my real profession in mind, I searched for water test procedures, new titration methods, old Chemistry fundamentals, and stuff like that. How I wish I could do a job search on related careers, instead. 😀 but how selfish can that be {big smile here}? Using  the company’s resources for your own gain! Hmm…

But with the Chemistry keywords, I was actually having fun – and didn’t feel drowsy for even one minute! I realized that I am still the Chemistry crazy girl – but mind you, I had never been nerdy about that (I was often absent or absent-minded), just ask my former classmates, mentors, and my hubby. However, you have to admit that Chemistry is still exciting, I guess that it will always be exciting for me. I had fun reviewing how to calculate concentrations, gravimetry, and test results. Now, I resent my current job more and more :D.

By now, you might be thinking that I am ranting on something that was entirely my fault in the first place – for taking this job. However, when you are young and in-love and newly married, you just don’t think straight – I chose a career away from my profession (as Chemist) in Dumaguete over a stable profession-related job in a cement plant. Yes, it was my fault but again, like Snoopy said, I was just fooled by the job description – plus the promise of a high pay in this small city {sigh}. I guess, Alvin, that you are right – painfully so, I have to admit. Guess that means that I have to start writing that resume, huh?

 Maybe I will…one of these days. For now, I just have to stick with ranting about this current job {sigh}.  

Why I Hate My Job

This cartoon of Snoopy was Googled.

This cartoon of Snoopy was Googled.

In terms of online jobs and the like, I am a professional writer/copy editor. Contrary to my blog’s title, I do love the ONLINE job but I hate the real mortar-and-brick-office one. The latter still involves copy editing but I find this too boring and too maddening. To make it more “compact”, let us call the latter as the “real” job and the former as the “virtual” job.

This is me: the frustrated copy editor and the happy writer. Does that seem like some kind of ranting that is just too contradicting? I don’t think so. I can list so many that I hate about the real job but I can also list some benefits.

 Things I like about my real job – take note that I used “like” not “love”

  • A “sort of” job security – I signed for a two-year binding contract in which I have to pay a huge sum of money if I don’t fulfill the end of the bargain (that is the part I hate but we shall come to that)
  • Specific salary – I know how much I’d earn in a month
  • The job pays fairly – there is not question about that
  • {end, for now}

Things I hate about my real job

  • The regularity is so maddening
  • We work for 6 days a week
  • We are sometimes forced to do overtime work during the week
  • We are sometimes forced to do overtime work during Sundays – this is the part where my whole being protests with might. My stand here is that we are already stuck in the maddening routine of 6 days of work a week, in schedules that make me want to cry (more on that later) , with us spending less time with our family (and ourselves!), and they are taking away our precious day of rest!
  • The schedule is maddening. [As much as possible, for the sake of this hated company, I wouldn’t mention its name anywhere in this blog but some details might be implied (people from the company will know immediately which company I am talking about!) but I will leave you guessing – I might just reward you if you guess the company correctly :D.] As if the 6-day schedule wasn’t bad enough, we had to undergo the two-week shift cycle. Yes, millions of people are going through with this type of schedule all over the world (health workers, call center agents) but I keep asking myself each day why I had ever agreed to work in this company when I had the almost perfect previous job!
  • We are only entitle to 5 days of leave – we can divide that into any type of leave possible: birthday leave, sick leave, vacation leave, undertime, and emergency leave. With this scant “blessing” most of us are absent at least once a month – I am doing a once-a-week stint.
  • The work environment is so cold that you’d think we were located in a snowy country as opposed to the tropical one that we are really in. Funny how we get to work in soft, cotton clothes to keep us from overheating then work in fleece- or wool-lined jackets with gloves and bonnets to keep us from “freezing”! The work condition is literally back-breaking!
  • Too many restrictions are imposed on us. Like most companies, we are prohibited from accessing non-work related websites. With that, they meant virtually anything that is not related to the work is restricted: checking the weather bureau for the possibility of rain is a no-no, too! Is it really that bad? Well, most people may not agree with me but when you are editing an article for more than an hour, you have to divert your brain to another activity or else you’d go mad. With nothing to divert our brains to, we resort to talking among ourselves – which is more likely to make us go on another i-hate-my-job rant session.
  • We also have clothing restrictions: shoes have to have at least 1.5-inch heels, and we have to wear business attires. Too bad nobody really sees us wear them except ourselves although the company always tells us that it is for the sake of the clients – who expect the working people to be “professionals”. So, do clothes really make the man?
  • We have unrealistic targets. How fast can you read one page of a letter-sized scientific article while searching for spacing, grammar, syntax, spelling, and consistency errors? Can you do 23 pages an hour? I have actually achieved that but the question is, did I read those papers line by line? Sadly, the answer is “no!”. If you want to make the article as perfect as possible, since that is really my job, 23 pages is just too unrealistic. But because we were threatened that a written memorandum (a step higher than written warning by HR standard) will be issued, we strove to reach that standard. Yes, the “quantity” part was achieved but the “quality” part is way lower than ever.
  • And I am still in middle of the two-year contract thing. I can’t leave till the last quarter of 2009 but I am starting the countdown. Why don’t I just leave? The contract has bound me with a hefty sum of money which equals about 7 months salary – I am not about to give the company that much money for nothing! No matter how crazy this all seems to me, I’d still wait that deadline out. I am a ranting editor but I am not a money fool.
  • {end, for now}

 Is that all? No! But since I just got back from work, my energy has been drained. Let me question the sanity with which I took this job in other posts in a later time. Let me just muse on what the cartoon above had pointed out. Yes, I must have been fooled by the job description plus the lure of a high salary with the chance to be working at my own hometown. Was it still worth my jumping ship (from a cement company)? I love my family so I think that it was worth the transfer but I had come to hate the job which had held so much promise when I was first offered the position.

So, why did I start this blog? Many things, really. But for now, let us just say that I am trying to divert some of the steam that is threatening to consume me.