Crazy Partying Neighbors

The neighborhood is literally shaking with the sound of music – or should I say, noise? {sigh} I don’t really want to be a party pooper here but it’s past 1 PM and the people are dancing and singing so crazily that only rain could ever stop them {major sigh}. I don’t wish for a power failure but I’m crossing all of my fingers – for best results – that it would rain.

Thankfully the songs and dance hits being played are good ones – I’d really start throwing stones at them if I hear one of those irritating boom-tarat versions! Currently, it’s a reggae dance hit of sorts. Can someone please pray really hard for rain?

Rain please…rain please…rain please…ooops….Please rain…please rain…please rain…please…please…please…rain…rain…rain…

rain rain rain rain rain

rain rain rain rain rain

My room is still shaking from the noise. Uh oh.

{sigh} And because I can’t sleep, I’m trying to eat all those mean-looking fishes in Feeding Frenzy 2 :D. {major sigh}

My current Feeding Frenzy 2 game

My current progress in the Feeding Frenzy 2 game

Weeheee…the organizers have announced the “last five-minutes” call to end the noisy dance party! Weeheehehehehehehe