The Relativity of Success

Everyone wants to be successful. That is a fact. But what does success mean?

Most people think that success means being rich, famous, and on the top bracket of the job. However, there are also a lot of people who would agree with me that success means being able to achieve your goals – be it monetary or be it love. Confused? Here’s my take

I am a licensed Chemist. Does that mean I am successful? Well, considering that I now work as a copyeditor, I am not successful in being a chemist – but does that mean that I am a failure? Well, a lot of people think so {sigh}. Rewind some two to five years ago…had someone told me then that I will NOT be working as CHEMIST, I’d laugh at their face. Yes, the past me would have concluded that I AM a failure today. So, am I? I don’t think so.

Yes, I may not work in my professional field but I did find a decent work in Dumaguete. Oh, I don’t love the job but it really is decent. Then. I have an online job that gives me the same salary as my real job minus the stress and in a much relaxed time. Yes, no matter what people might say, I am successful. I see my hubby every few days and he goes to work every few days. We have fun. We go swimming. Stuff.

My point here is that I do not have to work in my field to be successful. And yes, if I quit my real job at the end of the year, I’d still consider myself successful. I may not be able to buy a car right now but I’m saving for my dream house ๐Ÿ™‚

A girl cousin thinks that I married early (at 24) that’s why I am sadly not successful ๐Ÿ˜€ But then what is the RIGHT age for marriage? Is being single a guarantee that I’d be successful? Maybe, but then I’d go back to what success might really mean. Yes, I could still be single and working as top Chemist in some company – like in the cement company that I left – but if my heart wants me to be with Bobby and live a simple life, that is SUCCESS to me. Yes, I am successful ๐Ÿ™‚

P.S. According to the PorkChop Duo, Success is relative…More success, more relatives. LMAO