Why I Hate My Job

This cartoon of Snoopy was Googled.

This cartoon of Snoopy was Googled.

In terms of online jobs and the like, I am a professional writer/copy editor. Contrary to my blog’s title, I do love the ONLINE job but I hate the real mortar-and-brick-office one. The latter still involves copy editing but I find this too boring and too maddening. To make it more “compact”, let us call the latter as the “real” job and the former as the “virtual” job.

This is me: the frustrated copy editor and the happy writer. Does that seem like some kind of ranting that is just too contradicting? I don’t think so. I can list so many that I hate about the real job but I can also list some benefits.

 Things I like about my real job – take note that I used “like” not “love”

  • A “sort of” job security – I signed for a two-year binding contract in which I have to pay a huge sum of money if I don’t fulfill the end of the bargain (that is the part I hate but we shall come to that)
  • Specific salary – I know how much I’d earn in a month
  • The job pays fairly – there is not question about that
  • {end, for now}

Things I hate about my real job

  • The regularity is so maddening
  • We work for 6 days a week
  • We are sometimes forced to do overtime work during the week
  • We are sometimes forced to do overtime work during Sundays – this is the part where my whole being protests with might. My stand here is that we are already stuck in the maddening routine of 6 days of work a week, in schedules that make me want to cry (more on that later) , with us spending less time with our family (and ourselves!), and they are taking away our precious day of rest!
  • The schedule is maddening. [As much as possible, for the sake of this hated company, I wouldn’t mention its name anywhere in this blog but some details might be implied (people from the company will know immediately which company I am talking about!) but I will leave you guessing – I might just reward you if you guess the company correctly :D.] As if the 6-day schedule wasn’t bad enough, we had to undergo the two-week shift cycle. Yes, millions of people are going through with this type of schedule all over the world (health workers, call center agents) but I keep asking myself each day why I had ever agreed to work in this company when I had the almost perfect previous job!
  • We are only entitle to 5 days of leave – we can divide that into any type of leave possible: birthday leave, sick leave, vacation leave, undertime, and emergency leave. With this scant “blessing” most of us are absent at least once a month – I am doing a once-a-week stint.
  • The work environment is so cold that you’d think we were located in a snowy country as opposed to the tropical one that we are really in. Funny how we get to work in soft, cotton clothes to keep us from overheating then work in fleece- or wool-lined jackets with gloves and bonnets to keep us from “freezing”! The work condition is literally back-breaking!
  • Too many restrictions are imposed on us. Like most companies, we are prohibited from accessing non-work related websites. With that, they meant virtually anything that is not related to the work is restricted: checking the weather bureau for the possibility of rain is a no-no, too! Is it really that bad? Well, most people may not agree with me but when you are editing an article for more than an hour, you have to divert your brain to another activity or else you’d go mad. With nothing to divert our brains to, we resort to talking among ourselves – which is more likely to make us go on another i-hate-my-job rant session.
  • We also have clothing restrictions: shoes have to have at least 1.5-inch heels, and we have to wear business attires. Too bad nobody really sees us wear them except ourselves although the company always tells us that it is for the sake of the clients – who expect the working people to be “professionals”. So, do clothes really make the man?
  • We have unrealistic targets. How fast can you read one page of a letter-sized scientific article while searching for spacing, grammar, syntax, spelling, and consistency errors? Can you do 23 pages an hour? I have actually achieved that but the question is, did I read those papers line by line? Sadly, the answer is “no!”. If you want to make the article as perfect as possible, since that is really my job, 23 pages is just too unrealistic. But because we were threatened that a written memorandum (a step higher than written warning by HR standard) will be issued, we strove to reach that standard. Yes, the “quantity” part was achieved but the “quality” part is way lower than ever.
  • And I am still in middle of the two-year contract thing. I can’t leave till the last quarter of 2009 but I am starting the countdown. Why don’t I just leave? The contract has bound me with a hefty sum of money which equals about 7 months salary – I am not about to give the company that much money for nothing! No matter how crazy this all seems to me, I’d still wait that deadline out. I am a ranting editor but I am not a money fool.
  • {end, for now}

 Is that all? No! But since I just got back from work, my energy has been drained. Let me question the sanity with which I took this job in other posts in a later time. Let me just muse on what the cartoon above had pointed out. Yes, I must have been fooled by the job description plus the lure of a high salary with the chance to be working at my own hometown. Was it still worth my jumping ship (from a cement company)? I love my family so I think that it was worth the transfer but I had come to hate the job which had held so much promise when I was first offered the position.

So, why did I start this blog? Many things, really. But for now, let us just say that I am trying to divert some of the steam that is threatening to consume me.