Summer Fun: Dolphin Watching and Swimming at the Sand Bar

The down part…

A month of pre-booking allowed us to obtain two boats for the excursion. I did have some misgivings about the trip when the date drew near as those who were invited to join us backed out at the last minute! Spoilers. My only thought was that those were the people who invited themselves to join the trip – it was originally just the old San Diego team minus Kuya Beep plus Agnes and Doms. Then people wanted to join, and they wanted the other team to join, and so many people were added that we had to say no to those who were interested to join. We got two boats with a 10-person capacity. Then, the day before the trip, a lot of them couldn’t make it due to some reasons – and we were stuck with 2 boats for 20 people and there were only 8 of us!

Because we already booked the 2 boats, we looked for other people who might still be willing to join at such a short notice. I hate this part – because I don’t like to approach those people who were interested before because we had already told them that they can’t join! {sigh} I should have listened to my instincts and invited only my friends 😀 at least, we could have booked just 1 boat and have to pay less. Thankfully, Ma’am Sheng agreed to come with her 3 kids! Then Gracie asked a friend to join. I also asked my cousin to join. We’re still 5 people shy of the 20 but at least we didn’t have to pay for two boats when we could fit into 1 boat only. Well, as Jeffy said, now we know who to invite the next time we go out.

The up part…

So much for that rant…Let’s go to the trip and forget the spoilers – we won’t be inviting them next time, anyway.

We arrived at the port at 7 am. I was a bit disappointed that the boats were smaller than what we had been using the past years when we went dolphin watching. But I vowed that the next time I organize the same “la-ag”, I’ll make sure that the boats are really from the Tourism Office!

Ma’am Sheng and her kids – her real kids plus Agnes, Tet, Lems, Doms – were on one boat while me, Jaymez, Jeffy, Adonis, Gracie, Evelyn (gracie’s friend), and Sandy (my cousin) were on another boat.

We had a picture war with Tet as she does not like her picture to be taken. In the end, I succeeded in taking a picture without her covering her face 😀

The dolphins were not so plenty today but some played around the boat. Children that we are, we shrieked and shouted and clapped when the dolphins surfaced but were too busy cheering to realize that we were not able to take pictures! It was only when we were on the way to Sand Bar that we realized that we were not able to take pictures {sigh}.

The others were not able to see the sand bar as a sand-filled area because the low tide was scheduled in the evening; however, it was alright with them because we were all able to swim in waters that were not so shallow but were not deep. Those of us who knew how to swim went to the dark blue waters were the waters were deep and cooler than those on top of the sand bar.

We went home at 3 pm – a lot of us already turning chocolate brown 😀

The trip home was not like the loud one we had earlier. This time, most of them were sleeping that I couldn’t resist taking pictures of them, too – makes a good “before” and “after” picture scene.

This is summer! I love it…

New Beginnings


I can’t help but slash out one of the reasons why I hate my job. You see, The Company has decided to lower the speed standard so that we’d get more bonuses and have better output (or so they say). They had not yet explained why they are now requiring us a 20 pages per hour instead of the 23 – well, I am NOT going to complain about that because I am happy about that. 😀 Will I still quit at the end of the year? Yup – unless they place us on a shift that does not involve waking up so early teeehhee what I am saying is that if only the job was a 7 to 3 thing, I wouldn’t feel so harassed waking up and going to work while every person at home was still asleep 🙂 I wouldn’t mind staying up late for the corresponding 3 to 11 shift 😀 But if it’s still going to be a 6-2 and 2-10 thing, then, I’m off by the end of the year 😀


Tomorrow, I will officially start the summer with the promised Dolphin/Whale watching trip with some friends from work. Then, we’ll go to the Sand Bar. Hypocrite that I am for blasting about waking up at such an unholy hour of 5 AM, tomorrow I have to wake up at 4AM! My reasons for not being mad at that are 1) it’s just once and 2) the activity will be fun and will, thus, be worth waking up early for. 😀

It is raining right now but with the kind of rain-sun-rain-sun-rain-sun days that we had last week, I’m pretty sure that tomorrow is going to be sunny. 😀