I Quit the Hated Job – A Reprise, A Conclusion

For months people had grown tired of hearing me complaining about my job – I soon grew tired of hearing myself complain, too. Thus, I had changed the blog’s theme to something out of this world. Still, for one last time, let me reprise my role as the Job Hater.

Lessons Learned, Blessings Received

This time, I am not going to repeat all the pains and sufferings (as if!) brought about by the job at The Company. No, this time, let’s go over the positive side of working at the company for even when I hated the conditions of the work, I did gain a lot from The Company.

  • The experience. Everything happens for a reason – so, it is best to make the most out of something. Yes, the experience of working in a BPO company may not be priceless, really, but it helped me take stock of my life – made me appreciate the good things that I have. In short, The Company helped me take a more positive outlook in my personal life, feel happy for little things that might have previously gone unnoticed.
  • The knowledge. True, the work I had dealt with editing – something that helped me take the proverbial English rust off my brain. I learned a lot from the articles I’ve read. That is priceless.
  • The friendship. My brother, upon learning that I would quit, told me how my life would be sad sans the social aspect. Really? Friendships and social bonds need not occur at work alone or physically with the other people – one can afford to be social yet alone – alone but not lonely. On the upside, I will actually have more time for socialization now that I have no one to answer to, no almost-non-existent-leave-credits to stretch. Yes, I can afford to socialize more.
  • The money. True, The Company pays us more than the minimum wage – no questions.
  • The extra job. Here, I would say that I am actually grateful that I worked at The Company. Why? Well, I wouldn’t have known Lurchie who would introduce me to Maree who would eventually become my cool boss 😀 No regrets.

The End

Today marked the start of a new chapter in my life. As Maree said: Welcome to the world of freelance! I love it! Yes, it is the end of my life as the Job Hater – I had quit the job. Actually, the official end is on August 31 but, as luck would have it, I got sick so I didn’t have to work – then, August 31 is a holiday.

I love my life. Call me, The Freelancer 😀

New Name, New Blog Themes

My days at The Company are numbered… Because I am not one to really hold a grudge (and I don’t hate the job and the new one, anyway), I’m turning this Job Hater’s Journal into the Broken Chord’s Memoir.

Why “Broken Chord”?

Last night, at the birthday party, an uncle joked about their church choir having broken chords – well, I loved the name and decided to keep it as my own. No, I don’t really have broken musical chords but “broken” signifies a lot of things: broken relationships at work, broken emotions at work, broken (well, soon) links with the company, broken ground for the new house (another coming-soon-feature), etc. I’m still trying to figure out how I could place the header on 😀 – not so techie here.

Why don’t I change the blog altogether?

For me, there really is no point in overhauling this whole thing and just forgetting that this blog once existed – the place where I had a virtual fight with many people LOL No, this has been a part of me, a part of my life. As I had always mentioned, this is a blog about the bits and pieces of my life, my career, etc. – no use having to scrap this. Plus, I already have a “2” Google page rank – no chance that I’m giving this up LOL

New Blog Themes

Let us all move on and forget the bitter past. Ponder on some of things that I had learned with past experiences. According to a writer (name will be posted when I remember who he is), “Judge your success by what you had to give up in order for you to get it”. Well, if I gave up a successful career at The Company, does that mean I am succesful in the new venture? Mr. Koala is sure – as always – to counter this thought but the writer is definitely more reliable than this Koala Guy 😀

New themes will be, well, new themes. I don’t know what they are going to be but time will tell, as always. Comments – good, bad, rants, anything – are always welcome, people! 🙂

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Hey girl! Are those wrinkles? 😀

On Serious Matters – Hospitalized

Things don’t always go as we planned them to be. This is a very valid statement that dates back into the people who had lived millions of years ago. 🙂 Well, for once, an event took out the harsh schedule that we are experiencing at work – at least for me – but the alternative is, perhaps, worse than what my predicament had been. I was hospitalized for 5 days because of pelvic inflammatory disorder that affected my left fallopian tube.

It started out with a pain that was like that of a ruptured appendix – the resident doctor was about 90% sure that the illness was appendicitis but it occurred on the left lower quadrant of the abdomen. Several tests were done and it was found out that a large sausage-like pus build up was blocking my left fallopian tube and is causing the pain. Yikes! There were about 4 doctors who attended to me.

The prognosis was not good at that time because the pus-encroached area was large so that it might burst any minute. The doctors had to use a strong dose of Dalacin, intravenously, to start killing the bacteria causing the infection.

However, there is one major problem – I am allergic to dextrose (Lactated Ringer’s solution) but can tolerate mannitol. Still, the doctors at the hospital did not believe that I had an allergy to dextrose so I had to wince and bear the agony of them putting the needles into my hand.

The hand swelled and they had to insert a new needle. The hand still swelled – much more so when the undiluted medication was injected by the nurse – and they inserted a new needle into the other hand. Each time a new IV needle was inserted, I cried loudly because of the sting that is created by the dextrose flow – not because of the needle.  😦

Still, because the infection was intense, I needed intense medication – intense medication means that it is pricey. And yes, the Dalacin C IV injection costs roughly $35 per ampule! And I had to be injected 3 times a day for the whole duration of my hospital stay! Doing the math, I realized that this medicine alone was enough to eat a huge chunk from the house savings! {big sigh} This is not to mention the other medications and the daily expenses of just being in the hospital (food, etc.). Yes, things don’t always go as planned – things always don’t go as planned!

It was almost funny how I felt so helpless and at the mercy of those who cared for me in the hospital – Bobby, Leah, Jeilt, Ian, Luz, and Mama Eve. There were times when they had to feed me because I couldn’t even hold a spoon, let alone lift it and eat. Still, the doctors did not believe that I have allergies to dextrose! Why are they being so overbearing anyway?

I just got home today. I had to let the whole day pass before I could type here without wincing so much from the pain. The doctors are making me drink oral Dalacin C antibiotic for 7 days – again at 3 times a week. At least, the oral ones are a lot cheaper than the IV variety as each tablet costs only $1.5 but I also have to drink a strong antacid to counteract hyperacidity {major double sigh}.

Still, I am thankful for a lot of things – especially since the infected part did not burst and could have caused my instant death because my sick heart couldn’t tolerate the poison from the pus and dead cells. The doctors said that I was lucky in that count.

my swollen hand due to dextrose allergy

my swollen hand due to dextrose allergy